Why your website is more important than your business card

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Date: May 30, 2017


The last few years electronic media has come to dominate the World of marketing. With over 91% of households in the UK having an internet connection, a website is a platform that enables you to have a bigger outreach.

A business card limits what you can say and can leave so many unanswered questions – a website allows you to display as much information you want about your business whilst representing the personality of your brand and promoting your practice.

Having a website has become a necessity recently – it is a great platform to increase your practice’s popularity with audiences by building credibility with current and potential patients.

Keep reading to find out the biggest reasons your website is more important than your business card.

Helps to promote brand awareness

Unlike a business card there are no limits to what you can put on your website and they are a great way to portray your brand effectively; it’s an opportunity to promote your practice and everything it stands for.

A brand with personality that is well displayed has more chance of recruiting a potential patient away from your competitors by adding a sense of “reliability” to your practice and therefore providing your target audience with confidence in your abilities.

Allows you to stay ahead of the competition

The key to any successful business is to stay ahead of the competition; you need to monitor competitors and have a strong idea of their strategy to understand their success.

A website allows you to keep an eye on your competitors so your business can meet its own objectives.

A well designed, quality website that ranks highly in search engines and generates traffic is a sure-fire way to be in front; it allows you to identify factors that increase audience visits and ensure they eventually contact you for an appointment.

Can help to successfully grow your business

Promoting your business through a website is the best way to drive in the public. It’s the most successful platform to attract a larger audience.

Business cards severely limit your networking to people who you can only meet face to face.

Having a website has no limitations for your business. You can expand your business from a regional to global level just by being online. You will be able to be accessed by potential patients from all over the World.

Location is no longer a problem if you have an online presence.

Acts as a good opportunity to receive feedback

All feedback is vital to your business. Any opportunity to receive feedback you should take no matter whether it is positive or negative – it will allow you to put yourself in your target market’s perspective to see what is a success and what you can improve on.

Including a contact form on your website can help your customers provide feedback once they have been to your practice for an appointment.

It is a great opportunity to use this feedback to make yourself better and free from errors – something which you can’t do via a business card.

To conclude, your website is a lot more important than your business card. When networking with people or potential patients you are presenting both your business and your businesses personality – you have a limited amount of space and time to give your practice the best possible representation. A website allows you to promote brand awareness, stay ahead of the competition, grow your business and allows you to receive feedback to monitor the success of your practice – all of which you are severely limited to by having just a business card.

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