What makes a great website?

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Date: November 14, 2017


Having a website is great but to optimise the chances of someone contacting you for an appointment you need to ensure it has all the necessary features to provide a good user experience.

Keep reading to find the key elements every website needs…

3 second rule

First off, one of the main things you need to think about for your website is the three second rule. You may be thinking what’s the three second rule? The three second rule is something Physio123 do for all websites – essentially it is ensuring that as soon as any visitor clicks on your domain, that your website loads within three seconds.

A delay or longer loading time can result in a potential patient clicking of your website and turning to one of your competitors.

You may be thinking “how can I do this?”. Well there are a couple ways….

One of the simplest ways you can speed up your website is by looking at your server.
Just signing up to a host because it’s cheaper isn’t good enough. Physio123 recommend having your website on a virtual private server (VPS) instead of a shared plan.

Another way is ensure you images are “internet-friendly”. Image size makes a big difference to the speed of your site. The bigger your images, the slow your site will run.
To counteract this issue you need to ensure you are shrinking the file sizes of images. You can do this by;

  • Changing the resolution
  • Compressing the picture
  • Cropping the picture

Clear contact details

Once you have ensured your website has a fast loading time, to encourage the potential patient to make a decision almost immediately, we recommend having the below things on the header of your website (so it is the first thing they see):

  1.   Your company name/ logo
  2.   Your contact details
  3.   Your location
  4.   Your services

If you follow all these steps you will increase the chances of a potential patient choosing you over a competitor.

Ultimately, the main goal of your website is to encourage people to contact you for an appointment, therefore you need to make your contact details and contact page stand out. To encourage the chances of people getting in touch we would recommend using “call to actions” on every page of your website. A call to action is something that encourages your audience to take your desired action.

This call to action can say anything from “call now” to “get in touch” as long as this button creates a sense or urgency.  You need to let the audience know why they should take the desired action sooner rather than later to increase the chances of them getting in touch.

Top tip: We recommend including a clinic landline rather than a mobile number,In our experience websites with landline numbers have a higher conversion rate (website visitors who actually make an enquiry / book an appointment) as people are more inclined to ring a landline number.

If you do not have a landline number available I’d recommend you consider investing in a virtual landline number which redirects to your mobile. I’d recommend a company called Voipfone who sell virtual landline numbers. Please see – for more information

Good navigation

Now let’s move on to the navigation of your website. Although many people deem it irrelevant, it is can actually make or break your website – having an easy-to-follow navigation for a website is extremely beneficial in the overall user experience.

If a potential patient visits your website and finds it’s difficult to navigate, there is a high chance they will “bounce”. A bounce refers to when a website visitor on visits a single page on a website then leaves without viewing the rest of the site.

If the navigation is easy to follow there is a higher chance visitors will stay and explore the rest of the site which increase the chances of them contacting you for an appointment.

We would recommend having your navigation menu horizontally near the top of the web page on every page therefore all pages are there an easy to access at all times.

To conclude, there are many features that make a good website, however on your website you need to make sure you always have the audience in mind to ensure they have the best user experience possible. This involves following the 3 second rule (your website should load within 3 seconds), ensuring your contact details are visible at all times and having a clear and easy to follow navigation.

Talk to the experts.

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