Top 5 tips to help increase your conversion rate

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Date: July 25, 2017


Conversion marketing is a tactic businesses use to encourage their target market to take a specific action converting those browsing into actual patients.

A website conversion is arguably one of the most important factors in determining the success of your marketing online – it means you are getting your audience what you want them to do – book an appointment.

It’s great having a well designed website online that ranks highly in search engines but if you aren’t receiving any enquiries then wants the point?

Keep reading to know what you can do to increase your conversion rate….

Make sure your website is easy to navigate

Improving navigation throughout the rest of your website is crucial when it comes to converting customers. You need a clear navigation path to make sure potential patients can find all the information they need, fast.

In 2016, more websites were viewed on a mobile over a desktop therefore it’s crucial your website is responsive. A responsive website is one that adapts well to all screen sizes.

Navigation could make or break the reputation of a site – you need to make a good first impression in order to encourage people to contact you for an appointment.

A site which is easy to navigate ensures the audience have a more enjoyable experience and optimises the chances of someone contacting you for an appointment therefore increasing your conversion rate.

Use lots of well written content

You need to make sure your website has lots of content – not only does the amount of content you have affect the ranking of your website in search engines but it will help in providing potential patients with confidence in your expertise and therefore your practice.

However, remember it’s always quality over quantity – make sure all the content used on your website is unique – duplicate content should be avoided as not only does it have a negative impact on your websites ranking in search engines but it results in a lack of trust between yourself and any potential patients.

Make your call-to-actions obvious

A call-to-action is a clear action that encourages the visitor to take a desired action.

They are key elements on any website, although it is important they are clearly visible to entice visitors to book an appointment in your practice.

When someone visits your website you must never assume that they know what their next move is. You need to make your intended action obvious; whether you want them to “call now”, “email for more information” or “book an appointment”.

It is important this button creates a sense or urgency – you need to let the audience know why they should take the desired action sooner rather than later to increase the chances of them getting in touch.

Ensure all pages have fast loading time

Whilst it may not be an obvious factor in turning your website visitors to patients, speed does have a massive impact on conversion rates – every time there is even a second delay in response from a page there’s a 7% decrease in conversion.

Although load time doesn’t have a huge impact on your websites performance in search engines, it does affect your conversion rate. For every second you shave off your website’s loading time, you help to boost potential patients confidence in you.

The more confidence your audience has in your site, the more chance they have of contacting you for an appointment.

Use testimonials

Testimonials are one of the best ways to increase your practices credibility and to prove to potential patient you are trustworthy, reliable and have an expert knowledge in your field

Testimonials are extremely powerful tools when it comes to strengthening your brand’s reputation – they act as a marketing ploy to your business and in turn helps more people contact you for an appointment.

Adding a testimonial page to your website would massively benefit your practice.

Conversion plays a huge part in the success of your website – by following these top 5 tips you will be on your way to successfully securing any potential patients that visit your website; a higher conversion rate equals a more successful practice.

Talk to the experts.

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