Top 5 features every website needs

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Date: August 22, 2017


Whilst having a website can benefit your company, you need to ensure that it has ALL the components necessary to make it successful.

There are a number of different elements that determine the success of your website whether it’s the design, navigation, content – it’s all relevant.

Here are the essentials that every therapy website should have for it to effectively help you do business.

An easy navigation

First and foremost you need to ensure your website is easy to navigate; the navigation of a website could make or break it and could potentially ruins people’s first impressions of the site (and consequently your practice).

In order to ensure your site is easy to navigate by your target audience you need to ensure it is responsive. By having a website that adapts to all screen sizes it makes it more accessible therefore will attract more viewers and keep their attention.

A site which is easy to navigates ensures the audience have a more enjoyable experience.

Contact information on every page

Although it may seem simple, it is a marketing ploy that many businesses miss.

Physio123 enforce a “5 second rule” on all websites. Essentially, this means ensuring that upon viewing a website for the first time, in 5 seconds you should be able to see what you practice, the location of your practice and how to get in touch with your practice.

We recommend having it on the header of each page of your site.

About us page

It is almost vital to have an about us page which is often one of the most visited page on people’s websites. You need to create a “personality” for your brand – an about us page is the perfect way to do this as it speaks to your visitor and gives you an opportunity to connect with them.

You can use this page as a platform to present yourself as relatable and gives the audience some confidence in your practice.

On this page you should cover who you are, what you do, your team, your goals, history, mission statement etc. It is the perfect way to sell yourself to your audience and have the edge over a competitor.


Patients like photos. Especially “unique” photos. I would recommend including as many unique photos as possible such as that of the interior and exterior of your clinic, pictures of you/your staff, pictures of you treating patients etc.

This will make your website feel more unique and less generic. Website visitors like to see who and where they will be treated, and in turn this improves your conversion rate (the amount of people that contact you for an appointment).

A blog

A blog is a great opportunity to reach out to your patients and build a relationship whilst also contributing positively to your website’s performance in search engines.

A blog has a numerous amount of benefits such as;

  • helping your website achieve a higher ranking in search engines
  • establishing yourself as an expert in your field, giving you the upper hand over competitors
  • allowing you to build close relationships with patients

To conclude, to ensure the success of your website, you need to ensure your website is easy to navigate, has contact information on every page to optimise the chances of someone contacting you for an appointment, contains an about us page which allows you to develop a stronger relationship with existing and potential patients, contains photos for a more “unique” experience and holds a blog.

If you include all these elements onto your website, you are one step closer to staying ahead of the competition.

Talk to the experts.

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