Top 3 key factors of SEO

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Date: September 6, 2016


Business doing badly? Not getting any patients from your website? Think you have done all you can to make sure your website makes it to the top of search engines? Then



We are here to help.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving traffic to a given website by increasing the site’s visibility in search engine results. In this post I am going to go through the key factors of SEO and the top 3 questions you should be asking yourself about your website to ensure you are doing everything you can to get it at the top of search engines, increase your patients and help your business boom.


Question #1: Do I have enough content?

This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself.

Think of it in terms of food. You get to a restaurant and you ARE ABSOLUTELY STARVING. So you sit down at your table, hungry, and are given the menu. What sounds better to you “san daniele ham, peach & mozzarella salad, goats cheese & lavender mousse and asparagus, red peppers, marinated olives & cherry tomatoes in a walnut pesto served with sourdough bread” or “bread and butter?”. The first option, right?

This is exactly how search engines work.

They want to provide the optimal user experience for those typing queries into the search bars. They seek fresh, up-to-date content and websites.

Generally, the search engines interpret recent updates to mean that the page has more relevance and currency than a website that has not been updated in months or longer and would be a better user experience for its customers.


Question #2: Is my content unique?

Ok, great. So now you have a website with lots and lots of content, you will definitely perform well in search engines, right? WRONG. Having the content is one thing, but ensuring it is all original is another. This means that the content can’t be redundant, duplicated or stolen.

Stolen content is self-explanatory. It’s ILLEGAL. Let’s look at duplicate content because you can have duplicate content problems without intending to.

A lot of websites used to duplicate their content to get higher results in the search engines. To resolve this problem, Google build in a duplicating filter. These filters removes these web pages from the search engines, which is another good reason not to duplicate your content.

Yes, yes, I know you all must be busy and copying content is the quicker option but the thing is you will lose out in using copied content; search engines won’t rank your website highly and you will suffer.

Bottom line – write ALL of your content yourself for best results.


Question #3: Am I using my keywords appropriately?

Your SEO keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well optimised for search engines “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site.

However, these simple words and phrases, may be one of the most misused SEO tactics. In the past some companies placed keywords excessively throughout the content in an effort to outrank their competitors (this is known as “keyword stuffing”. Consequently, this can turn off your most important audiences; readers and search engines.

Ok, ok, calm down!!! I mean it, STOP PANICKING. Just follow RON to ensure you are using your keywords correctly.

  • R – Relevance. Ensure all keywords are RELEVANT to your business. They will likely be a phrase of several words, enabling the business to focus more precisely on the vocabulary their customers are most likely to use.
  • O – Overuse. Avoid keyword density and ensure they are only used only a handful of times throughout the content
  • N – Natural. Ensure your keywords have a “natural voice”. This means that the words and language you use are simple and easily understandable to search engines.

Keywords are arguably one of the MOST important aspects of your website. As long as you are using them correctly, you will see your website climb the search engines.

By following these three simple tips you are guaranteed to climb to the top of search engines.


Thank you for reading.

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