Q&A with our digital marketing intern; David Emery

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Date: February 6, 2018


Digital marketing has becoming increasingly important in the success of any business.

That’s why we have David, a digital marketing intern who is in charge of managing and maintaining Physio123’s social media presence. This entails everything from engaging and connecting with customers, to promoting our brand and ideologies to the World.

It’s his job to keep up to date with relevant issues and latest news ensure Physio123 is at the forefront of any industry developments.

We had the opportunity to sit down with David to discuss his day-to-day duties, the best advice he has received and who he thinks is the funniest in the office – SPOILER ALERT – he chose himself!

Hi David, it is great to sit down and talk to you. Digital marketing is obviously quite diverse – can you define your particular job role for Physio123?

I am a social media and digital marketing intern. My job is to monitor several social media accounts and use their influence to get more business for the clients I work for. I am also in charge of using online marketing strategies, like listing websites, to get more business for my clients. Also to create a strong online presence in order to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Why did you decide to apply for a job at Physio123?

I applied for my role to gain experience as a social media manager and digital marketer. My uni course does not offer this sort of experience so I decided to get some on my own. I applied to learn about an area I am interested in and develop those skills.

What’s the first thing you do when you come to the office?

Say “Hello” to everyone. Over the couple of months I have been here, I am often the first person to arrive. So I will switch the lights on and settle in and greet everyone as they arrive. I try to ensure everyone has a good start to their day. I’ll then boot up my computer and check all my social media accounts haven’t had a meltdown in my absence.

What do you love most about your job?

That’s a hard question. I suppose just being a part of a team and working with other people. Sorry for the cheesy answer. I just like people, if I like where I am it doesn’t feel like work.

What’s the best advice you’ve got from someone in the office?

I think it was from a previous intern, on my first day she told me to “relax and be myself”. Just helped me settle in I suppose.

What is the best works night out you’ve had?

Well I have only been to one… But it was still a great night, we went all over Manchester going in to loads of different places which was fun. Nice to chill out with everyone.

What are you doing for the rest of the day?

Scheduling social media posts. I’m trying to get 3 months ahead of schedule because I am trying to surpass the goals that have been set for me. Then I have a meeting with one of my clients for 3 hours this afternoon so that’s going to be a wild ride too.

What is your dream project?

Nandos approaching me and saying “We’ll pay you in chicken to run our social media”. What could be better? Nothing, that’s what.

Who do you look to for help in the office?

Milda, she’s looking after me and it’s always nice to see her smiling face when I have a problem.

What are your day-to-day duties?

Checking social media, replying to any comments I have received on my posts. Doing research on how I can improve the marketing of my projects. Scheduling posts and looking through assets to use. Lots of fun stuff.

I think we have a good idea of what you get up to in the week but we’d love to know more about the people you work with. We have a quickfire round of questions about your colleagues. Are you ready? 

I think so…should I be worried?

You’ll be fine,just answer honestly!

In the office who is…

The messiest – Barry, He’s always got plenty of empty food and drinks packaging lying around his desk.
The funniest – I mean I don’t like to brag, but…
The bossiest – Really couldn’t tell you, everyone is super nice.
Is the best dressed – Will is pretty sharp, you go Will, work it.
Is the loudest – There are some who would say I am, however I would disagree. Matt can certainly be loud at times but Milda has definitely turned heads with her explosive laughter that can be heard through walls…Sorry Milda…

It has been great to chat with you David – final question, what did you have for tea last night?

I had some homemade sausage casserole. I have brought the leftovers in for lunch today. Oh look it’s just gone 12, time for lunch… woooo!


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