How to use Twitter to get more patients

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Date: December 27, 2016


In today’s blog post, we are going to go through 3 ideas on how to get more patients with the use of Twitter. Twitter is a great tool when it comes to gaining more patients or customers within a business. This is because you have almost instant access to a library of people, from your “average Joe” to the highest member of the biggest company. The ability to have this many people at your fingertips can be extremely useful.

First things first, why use Twitter? Twitter is easy to master and can become great with communication with patients and clients. This is because you can have instant communication and feedback between you and said client.

Okay, so now to answer the title question of this blog post, “how can I use Twitter to help get more patients?” To answer this question I will give three tips…

1) POST offers. When I say post offers, I mean post all promotions and adverts for new services directly to your Twitter audience. When posting offers you could also post ‘Twitter only’ deals. This is a good idea because you will make your followers feel exclusive and this could persuade someone to become a new client.
2) Another way of getting more patients with Twitter could be to respond and tweet potential customers with offers and deals and this would then draw people to your twitter and then they could sign up and become a patient. You could search for keywords on twitter like, ‘Physio’ or ‘Pain’ and click the ‘Near you’ search criteria and then you could tweet anyone who mentions they need help.
3) The third and final way to get more patients with Twitter is to Tweet regularly. By “retweeting” and “liking” similar and relevant content of what others post you show up on their notifications. This could lead to a new follow and even a new patient.

Twitter is a tool. Once you master Twitter you’re on your way to becoming an unstoppable brand and business. Your twitter should be synced with deals present on your other social media platforms and website, this is because once that’s achieved there will be a harmony between your social medias.

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