How to improve social media following

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Date: February 7, 2017


In today’s post I am going to be answering the following questions for you:
How do I gain a big following?
How do I gain customers from my following?
How do I stay active without boring my audience?
What’s the point in quantity over quality?

Here I go…

*All my methods can be used on Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

How do I gain a big following?

Well there is no one answer to that question, but I am going to give you some “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.


  • Follow relevant accounts (even if you personally dislike the account).
  • Turn the notifications on for relevant accounts with a following more than 500,000 followers. Then try to retweet and like their posts within the first two hours of them posting it.
  • Tweet and interact with your audience when appropriate.
  • Relax and give it time; your social media is like a snowball, you have to get the ball rolling before it can become something massive.


  • Don’t believe or give into the temptation of these ‘get rich quick’ schemes of social media. They are all too good to be true. They are all too good to be true because there is no legitimate way of getting to 10,000 followers in one day, they normally always ask for bank details or log in details and this should be a red flag in any case.
  • Don’t use the ‘Follow4Follow’ campaigns or anything similar. The ‘F4F’ campaigns are online campaigns where you retweet or follow accounts dedicated to this ‘F4F’ tactic. This method does grow your following but it makes your timeline and feed look completely messy and extremely unprofessional and this would automatically lead to no new patients.
  • Don’t try and cheat. Cheating includes, making loads of accounts, buying bot accounts or trying to use ‘F4F’ hashtags and campaigns to grow your following.

How do I gain customers from my following?

Okay, this is a good question. Like the majority of these questions, there is no one answer. The best way to get customers or clients from your following and online presence is to post engaging content. To engage with an online audience the best ratio is: 70% pictures and links and 30% words.

How do I stay active without boring my audience?

To answer this question we must ask ourselves, how much content do we enjoy to see? I recommend you post 5-8 posts per day on Twitter with 4-6 of them being links and photos. On instagram I recommend no more than 3-6 posts per week. I also recommend posting content on days in which you get the most interaction. These days are completely personal to your audience. You can use sites such as ‘OnlyPult’ to discover your best days.

What’s the point in quantity over quality?

At first when you’re growing your followers, this is the stage of growth between 1500-11,000 followers your followers should not be selective. You should aim to follow between 500-600 accounts per day, only a short number of these have to be completely relevant, the rest can be accounts to purely increase your numbers. You should then follow accounts more tailored to your service.

Thank you for reading.

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