Graphics…how can it be used to benefit my business

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Date: November 28, 2017


Creating Graphics to help increase Your Business

This blog post will educate you in the importance of graphics within a business, focusing on the main points in how you can use graphics to your allow your business to flourish.

Graphics are very important for any business and can be the final push a potential patient needs in order to choose your clinic over a competitor’s.

There a few things that needs to be understood when realising the importance of graphic design. As a graphic designer myself, I will try to educate you in some areas which to me stand out the most in ensuring quality graphics to help your practice.

Quality over quantity

Yes, quality over quantity. It is not something that should be looked over in graphics. For some people they often think that there needs to be a nicely filled piece of design, let’s say a promotional poster. Now a promotional poster can indeed contain a plethora of information / content only if it be required. A large amount of emphasis on ‘required’; because most of the time it really isn’t. Some of the most effective posters have hardly any content in them; businesses that do this always end up being the most successful. People don’t like having their time wasted. If people are forced to find out something vital about your business by having to read into a body of text for too long, they won’t even hesitate to look away. While having a simple design might be effective, it is very hard to achieve. The reason for this is because if you were to create a simple design, it relies on what little content it has, so it has to really stand out in order for anyone to be interested.

To help it stand out you need to consider some points first.

This can range from:

  • Font choice
  • Effective tagline
  • Well-designed logo
  • Colours which make sense according to your brand
  • Graphical elements e.g. Coca-Cola’s signature swirls.

The Subtleties

There are many little things to take into account when creating graphics for a business. Things which the average person will overlook. Let’s use a business card as an example to illustrate the points I am going to make. A typical business card will have 4 main elements to it. The first being your business logo.

The logo will generally be quite small and you can position it in the top two corners of the business card. Next is your name. This is important to have it nice and prominent so that it is the focal point of the business card. The font choice is vitally important as it will give an impression of what your business is about, so choose wisely. Or alternatively, make sure it’s a font which you have used in other designs of your brand to ensure consistency.

The next element which usually goes on a business card is your job title, this is relatively simple to follow. Often the job title goes underneath your name and to enforce some sort of hierarchy, the job title should be considerably smaller than the name. These are the kind of subtleties non designers miss due to it being something quite trivial and seemingly unimportant, this is definitely not the case though.

In graphic design you should treat each element with the same importance because they work together to create a great whole piece. This means if one element isn’t up to par with another, then none of it will appeal. The next and final element which you find on a typical business card is the contact details. You can generally put whatever you want, just make sure it is a similar if not the same font size as the job title. It all comes down to consistency with graphic design, which brings me onto my next point.


Being consistent when designing shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to some, but you’d be shocked to find just how many choose to ignore it, or rather fail to see it. Consistency in the context I’m talking about is ensuring that something such as font size is consistent within a design. Or invisible borders are considered so that text doesn’t get too close to the edge of a design when printed. These things considered can make a design look far more aesthetically pleasing as opposed to a design which doesn’t consider my points.

Being consistent in a business is important to allow for the brand to make sense and so that things can be easily recognised to the public. A great example to allow things to be consistent is to follow a brand guidelines. A brand guidelines can be created for a business so that the business in question agrees on how they want to be represented as a brand. Designers will strictly follow these brand guidelines in order for the designs to remain consistent and in turn create an effective brand.

By now you should know a little bit more of the importance of graphic design within a business and realise how simple it can be.

Thank you for reading.

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