5 ways to make your Facebook page look great

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Date: April 18, 2017


Facebook has over 1.5 billion active users across the World which means if it is marketed correctly, it can be used effectively to promote your business and target potential clients. In today’s post we are going to be discussing how you can make your facebook page look great. I will break this up into 5 manageable steps. If you follow these steps I guarantee your Facebook page will instantly look better.

Let’s start with your bio!

The bio needs to include all the appropriate information to make it easier for patients to contact you if they are looking for an appointment. The information needs to be clear and precise. A typical business bio should include a phone number, email, your location and a link to your website. The bio must NOT include information that changes often such as special offers or deals.

Profile Picture

Now, the next most important aspect of your facebook page is your profile picture; you need to make sure it looks good yet promotes what you do. Your profile picture needs to convey the image and tone of your service but needs to be extremely high quality. It is crucial that it is professional it conveys exactly what your business is about.

Banner Image

Another way to ensure your Facebook page looks great is by having a banner image. This banner is similar to the profile picture; it needs to convey the message of your practice, look high quality but can even go one step further in promoting a deal or offer to entice people to contact you for an appointment.

Consistency is key

It is extremely important to ensure your Facebook page is as great as it is followed. Make sure your Facebook page posts regularly and has a clear pattern to remain consistent. You can do this by scheduling posts for the same time each week.

Stay positive and stay friendly

The final tip is to stay positive and stay friendly. Like most things they just need time to grow and develop and your Facebook page is no different.

To conclude, in order to make your Facebook page look great you need to have an informative bio which includes contact details and the locations of your practice, ensure you have a high quality profile picture and banner image, post the same time each week to add a sense of consistency to your business and stay positive and stay friendly. Following these tips are are a great way to spread awareness about your business and ultimately increase the amount of patients that contact your for an appointment.

Thank you for reading.

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