5 tips to make your Twitter page look great

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Date: November 1, 2016


In today’s post we are going to be covering five ways you can make your Twitter page look great. Making sure your Twitter page looks great is one of the many social media keys to success. Today’s tips will be transferable across most social media platforms but I will primarily be talking about Twitter.

Top tip one

Make sure your bio is clean, professional and smart. When I say clean I mean it doesn’t have convoluted information or unnecessary information. When I say professional I mean It is written in the tone of your company, people should be able to recognise your company and brand from just how the bio is written. When I say smart I mean everything is neat and well written and there are no emojis or anything that could show unprofessionalism.

Top tip two

Make sure your Twitter icon or picture is professional, if it is a photograph make sure it shows you in your therapy uniform because this will deepen the brand identity.

Top tip three

Make sure all your tweets have a purpose and are written professionally. A key tip a lot of people don’t follow is, don’t tweet for the sake of tweeting. Tweeting all day everyday about little unnecessary things and totally off topic and random things can make your account look sloppy and extremely unprofessional.

Top tip four

Never ever join in on Twitter arguing or fight with online trolls.

Top tip five

Make sure your banner is high quality and completely relevant. For example the banner might be an image of the outside of your clinic.

To conclude to make your Twitter page look great you need to make sure your bio is clean, professional and smart, ensure all tweets have a purpose and are professionally written and have great high quality photos. By following these simple and easy steps you will be on your way to having a Twitter page that looks great and generates you lots of new business.

Thank you for reading.

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2 responses to “5 tips to make your Twitter page look great”

  1. Kate says:

    Great Article. Any ideas how we can improve the Twitter page of @Physiolates ?

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Kate, glad we can help. I have taken a look at your Twitter page and the branding looks great. I can see you’re posting some really good content but it would be nice to see some of your Pilates attendees tweeting about your classes.

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